Projects: Equine Buildings

Whether you want a rustic horse shelter for your hobby farm or a state of the art stable and arena for a boarding and training facility, Meigs Building Specialists has the award winning experience to design and build the right building for you. We understand you want to provide the best care for your horses as efficiently as possible, we have the experts that know how to transform your passion to and dreams into a facility you will be proud of.

Our staff keeps up with all of the industry developments and design details, and our in-house engineering staff is experienced in working with people just like you.

The award winning team at Meigs Building Specialists will help develop a functional building layout as well as an attractive exterior design. We also pride ourselves on bringing in your project on time and on budget.

If you are considering a building project please contact us today. We can help you bring your project in on time, and on budget.

Please visit our "Color Selector" to experiment with different color combinations available for your building.


"Meigs, Inc. has been a real pleasure to work with. Ken does a great job of follow through and his crew was very professional in their workmanship. Good customer service. They always have been fun to deal with."—Building Owner, Tom S.