Services: Post Repair

Rotten Posts? Make the best of a decaying situation.

Replacing Rotten PostsThey don’t build barns like they used to, and sometimes that’s a good thing. Wood poles can rot off at the ground line over time. Left too long, you can lose your building—a cost no one wants to incur.

If your barn is from the 1960s and your posts are creosote-treated or if your barn was built after 1984 your posts are CCA-treated at the rate of .60 pounds/cubic foot, those posts are likely holding up well. But any pre-1960s posts or those treated during the 1970s and early 1980s with salt-based compounds may be seeing dramatic signs of rot, especially in high moisture buildings.

Replaced rotten postMeigs repairs those rotting posts by using concrete Perma- Columns. They’re a precast concrete column sunk into the ground. They extend about a foot above ground line, and the undamaged portion of the wood column is attached to the top of that column.

It’s a tough job, but with teamwork and the right equipment, Meigs can replace those columns while keeping your building intact.

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