Design-Build FAQs

The Design-Build Institute of America reports that there’s been a 40 percent increase in the use of the design-build method of construction over traditional construction models since 1985. The theory behind design-build is that when one entity is responsible for the look, durability and the function of a building, it ensures a more holistic construction process with a better result. We believe it because we see the results on a daily basis, Better Building by Design.

Why design-build?

You’re in for a pleasant building experience with Meigs design-build team.

First and foremost, you’ll be able to work with us, just us. Our engineering and design input from the very beginning will produce a Better Building, by Design. The "team" approach we use puts all our experience and skill to work for you. It starts with in depth fact finding about what you want, need and is within your budget.

Proper site evaluation and building placement is critical to blending your building into its surroundings and getting the best performance possible. 

Often our customers enjoy savings due to comprehensive planning, complete design-start to finish, total project management, effective timely communications, fewer work-change orders, efficient and effective planning up front of both building and site.

A study by Pennsylvania State University compared nearly 400 projects and researchers found that the design-build method reduced total project costs by as much as 6 percent, reduced the number of change orders by as much as 12 percent, and decreased the final delivery time by as much as 33 percent.

Is design-build more expensive?

No. In fact, as we pointed out above, it most often saves you money and time. When your building is designed for the site, using the best building methods for your building, you get Better Building by Design.

What if I just want a simple building?

That’s great. Meigs offers packaged buildings or can custom design a building within your budget. Custom does not have to mean more expensive or time-consuming. We even offer material only packages. Our goal is to meet your needs.

What if I already have an architect?

We gladly work with all kinds of design professionals. Our experts will work with your experts to make sure those designs translate to the best building solution for you.

How does our process work?

Before setting up an initial meeting, we ask you to fill out our pre-meeting form for either buildings or homes, or BOTH! You can find the "button" located at the top of any of our web site pages. We want to be as prepared as possible. Submit it thru our web site for us to review.

Next we’ll contact you to set up an initial meeting to talk over your project. At that meeting, we’ll continue to learn about your building project and how best we can serve you. We will set up an initial site visit, collect additional information as needed and then we should be able to give you a rough budget estimate. 

Once we agree on the basic scope of the project, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start making the detailed, engineering drawings and specific cost estimates. Your deposit money will be applied to the finalized building contract. The Meigs Design Team Leader you start with will stay with you through to the completion of the project—from concept to the first time you use your key on a finished building or home.