Longevity Living Homes: Plan for Independance

"Future Proof" Your New Energy Advantage Home

Independant and secure to live your life in your own home, "aging-in-place." You maintain your dignity and enjoy the lifestyle you have earned. We can design and build a beautiful "barrier free" home with thoughtful planning for the future..."Future Proofing."

These designs are beautiful and practical today and allow for changes to be made if and when your needs change in the future. Advance planning when building allows the cost of future changes to be a fraction of the cost of traditional remodeling, without broadcasting vulnerability to passes by. 

The old approach to adapting a home to be "barrier free" is very expensive and disruptive. It typically is done after a health related episode, an already stressful time. 

The home you raised your family in may not meet your changing needs as you age. As "empty nesters" we may want special design features, the "things we have waited for." 

You may never need to make any changes to your home due to aging. If you do need to, thoughtful planning when your new home is built can mean the difference between staying in your home or not, both physically and financially.

We can build in a wide selection of "future proof" options that you do not find in regular homes. In regular homes, these types of features are expensive to retrofit or remodel to include and they can be a signal to criminals of vulnerability as well.

If you want to enjoy "aging-in-place" we can help. Our "Longivity Living Homes" are designed for you to enjoy now and in the future. No/low maintinence exteriors and energy efficient, an "Energy Advantage Home." 

Call us today to begin your "future proofing."

"Longevity Living Homes" offer:

These home can feature some or all of the following

  1. No barrier/stairs from garage
  2. Wide hallways
  3. Wide doors
  4. Lever door handles
  5. Roll in showers, no barrier
  6. Higher toilets
  7. Higher/Lower base cabinets & tops
  8. Conduit in walls for future use
  9. Low/No maintenance exteriors
  10. Security Systems and lighting
  11. Specific current & future needs design
  12. And More... Much More!

Save enough on energy costs to pay for Long Term Care Insurance!

Wisconsin Energy Star Homes     

From Home & Garden Magazine (April 2008)

"Think ahead for your future needs when building a home"
by John Donaldson

"When you think about it, it should come as no surprise that the big growth area in housing these days is housing for the elderly. Let’s face it: The Boomers are getting on in years. But the traditional concepts of elderly housing—subsidized apartment complexes, assisted living and/or nursing homes—are evolving, and for some, those concepts are becoming obsolete.

"More and more people are looking at ways of staying in their own homes, and some builders are coming up with some innovative ways of helping them do just that. It’s really just a matter of thinking ahead, but that is often something we don’t do in terms of our housing..." more>>

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"Thank you!"—New Home Owner, Linda B.
"Thank you to everyone who built my house. I still can't believe I built a house!! I couldn't have done it without your help. Everyone at Meigs was very helpful through the whole process. They kept me focused and gave me something to look forward to. I had a wonderful experience with Meigs...Thanks in advance for answering all my questions and solving problems I may have as a home owner. Please pass the thanks on to all your crew members. Thanks again for everything."