Agricultural Buildings

Your building needs can vary widely, from a simple machine storage building to a large grain storage building or a dairy freestall complex. Meigs Building Specialists know how to make your farm’s new building productive and cost efficient. Meigs has an experienced staff of professionals that can help you with all types and styles of buildings and get the project finished on time and on budget.

Options are good, we can utilize various rooflines, pitches, colors and materials to get you the building that meets your needs and is aesthetically pleasing to your eye.

If you are considering a building project please contact us today. We can help you bring your project in on time, and on budget.

Please visit our "Color Selector" to experiment with different color combinations available for your building.


"...this attention to detail separates a good builder from a great builder."—Energy Star Certifier/Inspector, Mike Huggett
"I was extremely impressed with the quality of engineering and workmanship... efficient use of framing materials... maximizing energy efficiency... this attention to detail separates a good builder from a great builder."