Meigs fits the best construction style or combination of styles and materials to your project and site. Our professional building and design experts have over 200 years of combined experience, uniquely positioning Meigs to be responsive to the best solution for you.

Why are we a design-build contractor? 

Our experience has taught us that it’s rare to find a pre-packaged home or building design that perfectly fits your needs and site. Site issues and the unique ways the building will be used, require consideration. Better Buildings by Design

Modifications to pre-packaged buildings or homes often still aren't just what you wanted and cost more than if you started with the right design in the first place.


"Project was complex...professional, responsive and fair...I am very satisfied."—New Multi-use Building Owner, Richard McKenzie
"This project was pretty complex... we could accomplish our goal and meet the budget... the team at Meigs were professional, responsive and fair. I am very satisfied... I am quick to give a well deserved reference. I have already contacted Ken and Dave about other projects. Thanks for a job well done. "