Services: Green Building

How "green" do you want to build? What makes sense for you and your building project? Meigs has been building green for over 20 years, even before it was trendy to be green.

We work with our customers to ensure that we are meeting your requirements for green construction, as it fits your budget. Our green building practices can include:

  • Wisconsin Energy Star, Commercial and Residential
  • Recycling and material management 
  • Proper waste hauling, disposal and recycling methods
  • Using local and Wisconsin made materials
  • Using recycled materials
  • Using reclaimed building materials
  • Offering alternative energy systems
  • Proper site utilization
  • Site impact minimization
  • Proper erosion control methods
  • Energy efficient HVAC and plumbing options 
  • And more, how green do you want to be? 

Green design, construction and engineering is another way we do: Better Building by Design. Expect It.


"Thank you!"—New Home Owner, Linda B.
"Thank you to everyone who built my house. I still can't believe I built a house!! I couldn't have done it without your help. Everyone at Meigs was very helpful through the whole process. They kept me focused and gave me something to look forward to. I had a wonderful experience with Meigs...Thanks in advance for answering all my questions and solving problems I may have as a home owner. Please pass the thanks on to all your crew members. Thanks again for everything."