Projects: Suburban Buildings

Do you need more space for a workshop or perhaps for your collectable vehicles, ATV, boat or motor home? Sometimes a garage just isn’t enough space. Our award winning team of professionals can design and build to meet your unique needs, whatever your hobbies and passions.

Proper planning and design is a key to getting building permits, developing your property values—not to mention relationships with neighbors. Our in-house engineering design team is experienced in working with customers to provide the proper design for your site and your needs, from concept to completion.

Options are good, we can utilize various rooflines, pitches, colors and materials to get you the building that meets your needs and is aesthetically pleasing to your eye. If you are considering a building project please contact us today. We can help you bring your project in on time, and on budget.

Please visit our "Color Selector" to experiment with different color combinations available for your building.


"I wouldn't build with anyone else, I don't even get quotes from others"—Another Satisfied AND Repeat Customer, G.A. Olson
"I built with you before and will again if I have the need. The structural engineering, ability to customize, screw-fastened metal, superior building crews, quality materials all make my decision an easy one. Dan Lucy is just plain outstanding. "