Projects: Metal Roofing

Meigs specializes in metal standing-seam roofs, the fastest growing choice for both new construction and repairs to existing buildings. It’s the roofing solution we recommend because there are so many benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility — Metal standing-seam roofs can be used in almost any situation from residential to commercial and they come in many colors.
  • Long-lasting — Properly installed, a standing-steam metal roof will last a lifetime.
  • Maintenance Free — Since these are mechanically locked seams they withstand rain, wind, snow and sun, there should be little to no maintenance.
  • Great value — Extremely long lasting and energy efficient.

In fact, no roofing system lasts longer, requires less maintenance and offers such incredible versatility.

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"What a great job your crew did"—New building owners, Randy and Janet J.
"We just wanted to write you and let you know what a great job your crew did in putting up our building. Dan and his crew were always courteous, professional, left their work area neat and clean, and did very high quality work. Outside of a lunch break, I never saw them when they weren't working. Both Randy and I have been around construction crews all our lives and were very impressed with these guys. We thought you should know.
"We are very happy with the building so far. Bob Henry has been a joy to work with. He was out several times during the building process to see how things were going. All in all, we had a wonderful experience working with your company. And the building is beautiful.
"Please extend our thanks again to your fine crew of hard working men. We appreciate all their hard work and the pride they take in doing their jobs!"