Projects: Metal Roofing

Meigs specializes in metal standing-seam roofs, the fastest growing choice for both new construction and repairs to existing buildings. It’s the roofing solution we recommend because there are so many benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility — Metal standing-seam roofs can be used in almost any situation from residential to commercial and they come in many colors.
  • Long-lasting — Properly installed, a standing-steam metal roof will last a lifetime.
  • Maintenance Free — Since these are mechanically locked seams they withstand rain, wind, snow and sun, there should be little to no maintenance.
  • Great value — Extremely long lasting and energy efficient.

In fact, no roofing system lasts longer, requires less maintenance and offers such incredible versatility.

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"Meigs listened and built a custom building for me"—New customer, D. Steege says, "Meigs was excellent!"
"Meigs was able to build the custom building I wanted. The appearance and the ability to customize my building was very important. Ken Miegs and his team were excellent. If I build again, it will be with Meigs."